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Welcome To Shrey-IAS .

Shrey-IAS : A dream career, a life of dignity and stability are the first things that come to our mind when we see a government official. Shrey I.A.S. is an institution in Patna where comprehensive training and guidance are imparted to students who want to make it big in their lives.

The algorithmic methodology that we follow to render education to the bright stars of the cosmos of future India include conceptual discussion on every chapter, comparative discussion on the contents of each topic, compilation of subject matter covered and providing suggestive questions for students.

We not only render knowledge that pertains to the syllabus but also prepare our students for a life full of challenges so that their mind is always without fear and they never hesitate to try new things in their lives.

Ever since our establishment came up we have successfully succeeded in making a difference to the lives of our trainees. Hundreds of students who have passed UPSC, BPSC & Other PCS are leading a life of respect and reverence

  • Organizing for Effort
  • Clear Expectations
  • Fair and Credible Evaluations
  • Recognition of Accomplishment.
  • Academic Rigor in a Thinking Curriculum
  • Accountable Talk® practices
  • Socializing Intelligence
  • Self-management of Learning
  • Learning as Apprenticeship
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